About Me

An image of Me!!

I’m Simon, just another High school student from Germany. I first encountered Programming when I wanted to automate keyboard combinations in video games. I used to simply copy & paste snippets out of scripts and adjust the snippest to my needs. I didn’t know I was going to turn into a huge nerd about programming then. It took me a year or so before I figured out how Websites are made. I picked up on HTML and CSS. After a while I tried many many programming languages, until I discovered PHP. What followed were endless days of fun.

I quickly began to develop an interest in the greater picture of technology, turning Linux into my main operating system and learning about networking and low level programming.

Since I’m 18 I’ve been doing freelance Software development and conducted logs of clients and hunted down security issues within their websites.

In my free time I don’t allocate for programming, I love to do voluntary work, socialize, read and work out.