Me, feeding a cat.

I am Simon, a 18 years old High school student from Stuttgart, Germany. I use this website to document my progress by uploading projects I create in my free time and to have a plattform I can write about tech in order to improve my technical writing and gain a better understanding of the topic I write about! The entries on this website date back to the summer vacation 2016, when I was 17 and started studying the C programming language.

I made my first contact with programming when I was 15. A video game required complex keyboard combinations. I used to write the simplest possible scripts to automate some of these keyboard combinations. After a year or so, I found that there is much more to programming than helping me become good at video games. I discovered PHP and Web design. And man, I never had so much fun. As time passed, I developed an increasing interest in how things really work. Protocols, Operating Systems, implementations and drivers to name a few. To this very day, I find it extremely fun to figure things out and debug my programs.

In my free time I love to work on projects, which  I hope to learn from, go skateboarding, do voluntary work and read fantasy-books.